Six Feet Together


Written by Beverly da Silva and illustrated by Kat Uno



Written, illustrated and published in Hawaii

How far is six feet apart? Too far to hold hands. Too far to give hugs. Too far to share snacks. But it’s not too far to share a laugh, trade a smile, or make a wish. Hawaii-based author Beverly da Silva wrote Six Feet Together to help kids understand that the simple things that will keep us as healthy and safe as possible during a pandemic – social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing your hands ­– will still allow us to the things that matter most. Our keiki will see that the more all of us do these things, the sooner we’ll be back to holding hands, giving hugs, and sharing snacks. Ideal for parents with young children, teachers, grandparents; also for self-readers ages 5-7. Mutual Publishing; 28 pages, hardcover.

Special offering! Book is signed by the author, Beverly da Silva!